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Manfred Schwenkglenks

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Manfred SCHWENKGLENKS is a german composer. He was born at 22.08.1951 in Laichingen, in the south of Germany.
In an age of 9, he had his debut as an accordion-player, and he began composing. Performances as piano player and first releases of own works followed. During his school-time, he gained awards for his piano-play, absolved in church-music and studied composition at the music-highschool of Stuttgart in preschool.
After studying, he gets a music-teacher on a gymnasium in the south of Germany. Meanwhile, he also conducted choirs.
By doing his job as a teacher, he composed many pieces for pupil-orchestras and -choirs.

Sheet music

Last update
Legende, op.81
Manfred Schwenkglenks
Classical / Piece
menschen - haß - liebe - tier, op.151
Manfred Schwenkglenks
Classical / Opera
Most popular
Flohlied, op.143
Ludwig van Beethoven
Classical / Song
Arabesca, op.82
Manfred Schwenkglenks